Release of Vintage Story Classic

This is one of the very first releases of Vintage story - Version 1.0.2. It is primarily a creative mode sandbox experience. Never tried Vintage Story before or want to take a trip down memory lane? Then get it right here! VS Classic is Freeware as of October 2019.

To clarify, VS Classic is a 7 year old creative mode only experience, if you want to play the survival mode you might want to purchase the full game.

TLDR: This is not a demo.

Download VS Classic for Windows (34 MB)





Colored lights, Pretty graphics (including bloom effect, godrays and antialiasing), unique terrain generation, 1024+ blocks build height, smooth framerate, moddable, rudimentary world edit tools, super rudimentary survival mode (slow block breaking and player health), 4 original sound tracks.

VS Classic only supports MS Windows and is single-player only.

Creative mode instructions

  • You can use the commands /gamemode 1 to enter survival mode and /gamemode 2 to enter creative mode
  • While in Creative mode:
    • Hit F3 to cycle between fly modes
    • Hit F2 for super speed, F1 to go back to normal
    • Type command /we range 100 to increase your place/break block range
    • There's some rudimentary world editing tools, check out tyrons demo video on youtube

If you like VS Classic

Vintage Story is made by a small passionate team of indie developers. Consider checking out or even purchasing the full version over at We've made huge strides in the 3 years of development that followed. Vintage Story supports MS Windows, Mac and Linux, supports Multiplayer, much improved graphics, a very extensive survival mode, much improved modding capabilities, much improved world generation and much more.